Frequently Asked Questions

Yes in a private client gallery.

Yes, equivalent providing’s with photography.

Of course, I’m traveling to every Greek Island and why not all over the world.

Of course, and I highly suggest them.

No this is something you should do with a professional wedding planner, they know best. I can suggest some as well.

Yes and I love them.

Photoshop is my best friend, but it is not used as you imagine or have heard. All my photos are edited and corrected one by one in Lightroom, so there is consistency and harmony in the final result. However, if you wish, there is an extra cost in which your final pictures are retouched in Photoshop.

The wedding does not begin in the Church, nor does it end with the cake cutting. I plan to be with you from your preparation (groom, bride) until the late hours at the party. For more details, please contact me.

The amount of photos for you is of no importance. However, I make about 3000 photos per wedding or 300 to 400 an hour, because I want to capture every smile, cry spontaneous moment and then I choose the best 800 to show you as your wedding story.

Almost exclusively, in my opinion, it is the best way to showcase my work additionally is the best way for you to preserve them for ever. Prints are forever!

About 150, more are gabble and deprive of creative space. Less … never happened!

Unless you choose otherwise, Your story will be published in my blog!

Yes I prefer to do it for you, it saves you time and is more storytelling. Of course you will review it and make any micro adjustments you want!