Hi I’m Christos Mavraganis wedding photographer from Greece.

But I wasn’t always one.

I grew up in a village outside of Athens by the sea, my studies were in economics but my real love was photography! I wanted to do something more meaningful, with impact in people’s lives. I adore people, I am positive and energetic!

My goal is to create something unique and contemporary from you for you. My job is my dream, my purpose is to capture all these little things that make us unique!

with love Christos


My wedding photography is a combination of spontaneous photography without unnecessary interventions in the flow of the event paired with some high-profile, editorial-style, artistic, images that enrich the albums of this unique day.

I place particular emphasis on lighting, delivering live images which have a three-dimensional texture. My editing style is mild in order to retain the naturalness of the image, thus creating a timeless result, creating images that will stay forever as a visual legacy!

The images I capture have a slight “vintage” mood that creates a nostalgic texture, with references to the pre-digital era of photography. The lenses I use are ‘prime’ which contribute to a more cinematic storytelling for my wedding photography! Hop on to my blog where the magic happens!



I am very happy to be published. I am very fortunate to be loved from top wedding blogs, to publish my weddings. Check out the latest reports!