Hi I’m Christos Mavraganis wedding photographer from Greece.

But I wasn’t always one.

I grew up in a village outside of Athens by the sea, my studies were in economics but my real love was photography!

I wanted to do something more meaningful, with impact in people’s lives. I adore people, I am positive and energetic!

My goal is to create something unique and contemporary from you for you. My job is my dream, my purpose is to capture all these little things that make us unique!

with love Christos


With a blend of spontaneous captures and 
artistic flair, I strive to document your special day without disrupting its beautiful flow.

Each photograph is carefully crafted, ensuring a three-dimensional quality that brings your memories to life. By employing a gentle editing style, I aim to preserve the natural essence of the images, resulting in timeless treasures that will endure 
as a visual legacy.

I adore infusing a touch of nostalgia into my work, evoking a subtle film mood that harkens back to the days of pre-digital era. Through the use of prime lenses, I weave a cinematic narrative, telling your love story with every frame.

Join me on my blog, where the magic truly unfolds, and embark on a journey through the extraordinary moments captured in time.

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I am very happy to be published. I am very fortunate to be loved from top wedding blogs, to publish my weddings. Check out the latest reports!